Help with info

  1. Ok so I am forced to take a class on Oral Communication where basicaly we make speeches all day:rolleyes:, so anyways I need to do a persuasive speech and am planning on doing puppy mills and why people should adopt pets or get from reputable breeders......does anyone know of any good places I can get good info? TIA I know alot of you are really hands on with adoptions and rescues so any advice would be greatly appreciated:heart:
  2. Definitely hit the ASPCA website!! Lots of good stuff there. :yes:
  3. Thanks 4theluvof-it and Prada Psycho
  4. Fabulous subject, good luck with your speeches.
  5. Thanks guys!! I did my speech and it went really well, actually I made two girls cry:crybaby:.....but it was really good, bc it was a class of around 35 and only around 5 of them knew what a puppy mill was:wtf::wtf::wtf:. So I feel like I kinda hopefully helped by educating others
  6. That is awesome!! Congratulations!
  7. Only FIVE people knew what a puppy mill is? That's frightening and it certainly explains why it's so hard to shut them down.

    I wish the ASPCA would start running a commercial similar to the "In the Arms of the Angels" (*sniff*) commercial, but about puppy mills. People obviously need some serious education on this evil practice.

    Aw, gawd! Why did I have to mention that SONG and commercial. The first 10 times I saw that commercial I cried for 15 solid minutes. Now I'm sitting here at work melting my eye makeup. :cry:
  8. OMG PRADA!!! When I first saw that commercial I was sobbing!! When I did the presentation my voice started shaking a little too, but I was able to control myself.

    Yeah I couldnt believe that they didnt know either, and one girl came up to me saying that when her friends started getting puppies they all came home and around the first few weeks they were all sick and now she knows why....its a shame people arent more educated on this