Help with inclusion on elux

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  1. I want to get the clear pm inclusion bracelet. Does anyone know if it is a small or larger size? I have small hands but I'm scared it wont fit right. Has anyone ordered a bracelet from them before and what was the fit like? Thanks:smile:
  2. arent they all the same size, other then one is wider then the other ?
  3. i thought pm was narrower and gm was wider? don't own any though...
  4. As far as I know, the only color that has come in sizes is the Pomme, the clear was the standard size. The ones with the smaller circumference were new additions beginning with the Pomme.
  5. ^ expert :graucho:
  6. Haha hardly, I just love the Inclusion line so I've tried to find out as much as I can about it. :lol:
  7. I think the GM is a little wider. I have teeny tiny wrists, and they're a little big on me. So since you're worried, either just order one from eLux (and get a code for free shipping) and return it if it doesn't fit, or if there's a boutique near you try them on. Good luck!
  8. ^^She's talking about the actual size of the bangle itself..the GM is definitely wider than the PM, but there is a difference in the size of the bangle. Previously, they were only available in a standard Medium size but beginning with the Pomme, they added a Small size for smaller wrists (just as the rings come in sizes 50, 53 and 56 for varying sizes of fingers).
    So again, to answer the OP's question, the clear won't be the Small size. :nogood:
  9. Yay! thanks everyone . REbecca you are very much the expert. haha. I have been reading the inclusion club and I would love the beige or rose . I am going to order my bracelet from elux, maybe the sweet mono earings too!!
  10. I bought the TPM size in the pomme and clear in Boston LV.

    On the vuitton website they also have all colors available in small and medium. It's listed as TPM and PM which really means, the PM bracelet in the small or MM size. It's very confusing!!! LOL!
  11. Lol :shame:
    I love the rose but it's so hard to find! It's such a pretty color :heart:
    Good luck with the bracelet and do get the earrings if you can, those are really adorable.

    ETA: The clear DID come in the small size and was introduced along with the small Pomme. However the ones from elux will be the medium, if you need a small, you should try to have the boutique get one for you since they aren't standard.

  12. Yes, yes, your right, I forgot to say that they only have the TPM in the stores. Only MM size from Elux. (Which sucks!!)
  13. I have such tiny wrists, ive never dared risk it not fitting. I know i would fall in love with it if i even went to try it on.
  14. PM = narrow one GM = wider

    I actually got to try this on in the store however it was too big for me ... I believe it's one of those "one size fits all". The bangle kept falling off my wrist ... I'm about 5'4 and 95lbs ... hope that helps!

  15. The PM and GM refers to the width of the bracelet. There are different sizes now for the circumference of the bracelet. You can get the PM bracelet now in either TPM (small) or MM (regular).