Help with Immediate Payment Required

  1. Hi,

    I have posted a listing on eBay with a buy it now price. It keeps telling me I have the option of requiring immediate payment which I want to do, but I can't seem to get it to work. It is not showing up in my auction. Do any of you wonderful people have any advice or know what might be going on?? Thanks so much!!!

  2. it should be towards the bottom where you put in the email address you want the payment sent to. there's a box that you can check to require immediate payment.
  3. If you list more than one destination that you ship to you have to quote shipping for all of them in order for IPR to work.

    Also, if you listed with Auctiva, you cannot use IPR if you are using Auctiva checkout.
  4. What if there is no box? Am I not qualified to require immediate payment???
  5. Hm... here's what eBay says:

  6. Yea, I saw that too. That is why I am confused because I think I qualify for all of those things...
  7. Could I have unknowingly listed that I would ship to more than one destination?

    Soo sorry I am new to selling on ebay (obviously...)
  8. Just right under "Sell: Creat Your Listing", there is an option "Show/Hide Option". Click on it so you can add more listing feature, including Immediate Payment Required option added to your listing template.

    If I remember correctly, eBay requires you have certain number of feedbacks before you can use that option. I may be wrong on this restriction though.
  9. i had that happen to me once on an auction, it was a bug that ebay live help couln't help with. i think the only soluction is to cancel then repost
  10. Thanks!! You are amazing!!:yahoo:

    Now I just have another slight problem. I got the box to appear but it says I have to be a Premier or a Business member. I upgraded my Paypal account and on my Paypal account it now says Premier. Does anyone know if there is a lag time for ebay to know you have a Premier account?? Thanks so much!!!
  11. Does your account have to be verified for it to work?