Help with Identifying these MJ bags

  1. I have two MJ bags and I have no idea what the style names are - can someone help? I have been told that they are both east/west bags, but I don't know for sure. Thanks!
    mj1.png mj2.png
  2. I am not sure if I attached those right, so here they are again.


  3. I have the second bag pictured with the double straps. The tag does not specify a style name, but the receipt from the MJ store describes the bag as the "mini shoulder." I hope this helps!
  4. Thanks, Valerie! I loooove the second bag - the size is perfect and I love that it has three compartments. What color is yours?
  5. Make them email A Picture of the one you will get. Some Bags new display items or more worn than well I would sell.
  6. Mine is identical to the one pictured--it's black with baby blue suede interior. This is a great bag and it held up amazingly well--the leather looks brand new despite being carried daily for months and months. I remember seeing this style in white and orange at the time I purchased mine, but I can't remember if there were any other colors.
  7. I THINK the first one is called "Edna"?
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