Help with identifying bag! Please!

  1. Hey everyone,
    I have found my dream bag and wanted to see some more pics online or if anyone has bought this bag. Most likely someone has because Im in Australia so we get everything last. LOL

    It is hard to describe, but will try my best. I searched the Reference guide and couldnt find any pics of it.

    It was calfskin, and med sized, with 2 chain shoulder straps with leather for the shoulder. Quilting only on the sides, CC logo on the front. But what made it different is that the middle section is clasped together and then also has 2 zips on either side. The SA described it as a 'doctors' bag.:confused1:

    Arghh cant stop thinking about it,
    it was $3280 AUD. WAs in the melb store.

    Im going crazy - need to see more pics- totally in LOVE>

  2. So no one has any idea which bag im talking about?
  3. Yes I know this bag. Hang on and let me find a pic. It looks like a Doctor bag gone punk.
  4. I call it The Ramones Bag:

    Kinda like a doctor's bag that went punk: chains, vintage-ish clasp, distressed leather. LOL

  5. ^^ Yes thats the one!!! Your a genius.
    Is there a thread about it?

    Hmm, it actually looked better in real life then in that pic though.
    So the leather is distressed calfskin?

    thanks so much for your help! :heart:
  6. it's from the "perfect day" collection.