Help with identification of Chanel bag

  1. I'm Pam, a nurse in Florida who loves beautiful, classic fashion. I guess it's in my genes, with my mother, myself and my lovely daughter all former professional models. I've got 3 beautiful vintage LV bags that I love and that still look awesome. I recently acquired a vintage (lambskin?) Chanel bag and am curious about it. The person I bought it from, a good friend of mine, couldn't give me any information other than to assure me it was any of you out there have an idea about the name, age, material of this bag? Your help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. That looks like a luxury tote, not vintage at all. But I have not seen it in this color.

    Do you have a picture of the hollogram?
  3. I agree. . . maybe post lots of pics in our Authenticate This! sticky. . . this bag looks a little 'off' to me.
    It's not vintage, I agree w/ that and it's most similar to the Luxe, I also agree w/ that.
  4. Where is the hologram? The only id mark I can see inside the bag is a sewn-on leather patch with a gold CC mark in each corner and the auth number (which matches the auth card) carved in the middle....
  5. hmmm . . there's a sticker in every chanel handbag w/ a # on it, that's what's referred to as the hologram. It should match the authenticity card that comes w/ it. Can you post a photo of the interior and interior tag?

    The # also usually indicates the year of the bag.
  6. want to add, often it's VERY hartd to find. Somtimes in a dark corner of interior pocket. . . sometimes tough to see it if you're not really looking.
  7. I looked on ebay at an apparently authentic luxe tote and this bag I bought doesn't match. No hologram and it's stitched around the top. So it must be fake--my friend will take it back to her source and refund me my money. Beautiful fake, though and the leather is yummy:sad:
    Thanks for your help!
  8. It is a great job for fake bag.
    I alway though luxury line can not be fake due to hard to do chain that run thru the body of handbag.... now I am so wrong.
    Thank you for post your picture to educated all of us.
  9. I'm glad you found out. It doesn't look like my Luxe or any other Luxe Tote I've tried on. . . I hated to break it to you!