Help with ID/date of this LV bag...

  1. Hi everyone! Once again I would like to ask for help from the members of this awesome forum. I stumbled upon an old LV Epi Noe in my sister's closet. Is it the petit model? Is the color is called new red? I'm not quite sure...

    Here's where I need some help on. Where do I find the serial # on this model? And if I find the serial # would it help me find the specific date it was made? :idea:

    Thanks a bunch! :yes:

    Again...I hope I posted this on the right section of the forum. hehe

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to all of your replies. :yes:
  2. It looks like the petite model but I'm not sure about the color, looks like the older one on my screen. The datecode is supposed to be on the thingy on the bag that attaches to the strap, facing the bag, did that make sense :blink: The datecode should tell you the month and year the bag was made :smile:

    P. S. I don't remember seeing a pocket inside the noe before though
  3. Looks like the old red to me, too.
  4. Thank you so much icechick. :yes:

    The serial is "A21910"...okie...what does that mean? lol hehe :confused1:
  5. Usually the datecode is 2 letters followed by 4 numbers, the letters say where it was made, the 1st and 3rd number tell the month and the 2nd and 4th stand for the year. Some epi pieces from the early 90's have a datecode that starts with A followed by 5 numbers, I'm not really sure how to read them. My best guess is november 1990 but that's just a guess
  6. WOW! Thanks again icechick!!! :yes:
  7. You're welcome :flowers: I would post these pics in the authenticate this thread, as I said in my first post, I've never seen a noe with an inside pocket plus the straps seems a bit too long :s
  8. hmmm... I had a Noe since the late 80's to early 90's I don't recall ever seeing a pocket in it... In fact I had to buy 4 pochettes to make up for the cavernous interior... Am I wrong here ppl:confused1:
  9. Some vintage Petite Noes had the dark lining with a zippered pocket inside.

    kojiko, can you please post clear pics of the heat stamp (both sides of bag and on strap and date code in the Authenticate This thread in the LV Shopping section?
  10. Thanks guys! I will post one on the thread as soon as I can. Thanks again! :smile: