help with hudson bag

  1. Hi! I recieved a Hudson as a present a few months ago and really loved it. But recently the seams at the top of the straps started coming undone and one of the grommets fell of. Has this happened to anyone else's Hudson?

    When I called an MJ store in SF, they told me they could only repair bags bought in the store. I thought that was strange because normally other brands will repair the item even if it was not bought at the store. Should I bring the item in and try to talk to them or go elsewhere for the repairs? if so where?

  2. Email the website and tell them about the problem.. they normally refer their bags to a contracted repair place and it will get fixed for free. Otherwise, contact the store that the bag was purchased at and ask if they can repair it for you. Most dept stores will repair the bag if purchased from them.
  3. thanks! i've email them, hopefully will hear back soon :smile: