Help with horsebit hardware, please

  1. If anybody has a bag with horsebit hardware, could you post pictures of the hardware? Is there a small line on the one hook where the two connect? Also, should there be the Gucci name stamped on any of the horsebit hardware?
  2. What bag are you talking about? I have the medium chain..I'll check mine tonight..:heart: Emmy
  3. Thanks! I'm not sure what the style of the bag is, but it has the same horsebit as the pelham bag. I would assume if one style has that, the rest are the same.
  4. I checked the Gucci website for the hardware on the pelham...For reference you may want to go here and see if you can find the bag your questioning....The zoom feature is excellent...I just checked my bag...No "GUCCI" on the hardware on my bag..but it's dif than the pelham...My hardware is on the strap of the bag...Not sure if this helps...You would have to post the name of the bag or a pic to help you.....:smile: :heart: Emmy
  5. posting pics helps us ID better
  6. Are you trying to find out if your purse is authentic or not? Seeing that thousands of fakes of this GUCCI horsebit have been sold on email - I would post photos but also post this in the authenticate this section - and smoeone will be able to answer your ? fur u - btw,welcome!