Help with Hermes china-dinnerware

  1. Is anyone else a collector?
    I generally pick up pieces here and there, mostly vintage in perfect condition for my china cabinet. I plan on passing them onto my daughters when they grow up.
    I was interested in purchasing some pieces from this eBay seller. Everything looks good, though of course you never know. So I thought I would ask here:

    And isn't this bowl gorgeous??!
  2. That bowl is just gorgeous!!! I love it! Don't know anything about the seller though.
  3. Japster, I've purchased from this seller before and have been very happy with her communication, prompt shipment, and general friendliness!
  4. Jag- maybe you need to start a china collection ;)

    Thanks Otingocni.
  5. OMG! That bowl is the exact design of my scarf I bought from LZ! It's stunning!
  6. It is a lovely piece. I do love china myself.
  7. I love Hermes china! That bowl is amazing!

    I'm going to start a collection of the Jardin line.
  8. That's a lovely line- with the gorgeous green leaves, right?
  9. I really love the bowl! Do you ever serve using the Hermes china?
  10. Yes! I have the Twilly and that's my signature perfume, too!