Help with heels please?!?

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  1. I LOVE the look of heels but they are absolute torture for me to wear. No high heel shoe seems to fit me properly. When I put them on, there is absolutely no contact between my arch and the shoe. As a result, all of my weight is on the ball of my foot and in no time my feet are screaming at me. Is this normal? Does it mean I have high arches?

    Does anyone know of a brand that would work for me? Could a cobbler do something to help?

    It really stinks because I keep buying heels, wearing them once and shoving them in my closet. I swear I will never get another pair... until the next pair:sad:
  2. Have you thought about starting with a kitten heel and/or a mule style shoe? I have high arches too. What brands have you tried?
  3. I do wear kitten heels- I'm ok with them. I love the look of higher heels though. I have one pair of Charles David with 4" heels that I got about 10 years ago and they actually fit well. I'v tried other pairs in that brand since and none have fit as well.

    It seems like now I'm trying to find shoes with a moderate- 1/2"-3/4" platform in the front and a 3" heel so the difference is more gradual but you still get some height. Problem is, most shoes structured that way tend to be wedges or just too chunky looking.

    I would just love to be able to wear a pair of georgeous high heels for more than 10 minutes:crybaby:
  4. I was once like you. Get a pair of chunky heels. You have to relearn how to walk. Take your weight off the balls of your the heels. Put your weight on the heel....take longer strides. Practice walking heel to toe....find your balance. When standing still make sure your weight is more on the heels. It takes time to learn and get used to walking in them. Wear them around the house all night and weekends. I do calf and ankle exercises. Have to have strong ankles. :smile:
  5. Something I notice is that the last they use for some brands does not work for me and my arches hurt like crazy. The last is a model that lays out how the foot will lay on the shoe. If your foot is not like the last it will not feel good. Try to find out which brands work for you and stick to them.

    Also to take pressure off the ball of the foot you need to put weight on the heel. I have also found that I don't have pain there when I buy higher end shoes or shoes from comfort lines.
  6. One thing I would like to add.....your arch will hurt untill you stretch it out. Mine now hurts in flats....why I only own 2 pair.
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    Sorry- maybe I'm a little dense- is the 'last' actually part of the shoe or something they use to make the shoe?

    Maybe I need to try some truly high end shoes- I always assume I can't wear them so I don't bother spending $$$ on them.

    It's funny- it's never my arches that hurt- it's the balls of my feet. I just assumed that if you had arch support it would take the pressure off the ball. I don't know, I think I just don't understand the mechanics of heels. I try to put weight on my heel but my feet just slide forward and end up in the front of the shoe with every step. I can only describe it as feeling like you are on downhill skiis pointed straight down the mountain.
  8. Yes your arches never touch. High end heels are balanced better. You just need to learn how to walk in them. Make sure the shoe is a good fit too. Try Manolo Blahnik...they are easy to walk in...the 3.5". You can find them at outlets and online for less then full price.

    they have changed my life. i can wear the most uncomfy heels for hours, dancing, and not feel a thing with these babies in. enjoy!!
  10. mmm... ok- I guess I need to try some good shoes. Thanks
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    Never heard of these- I'll have to see if I can find some to try. Thanks

    I just looked these up- they are insoles! I thought they were a brand of shoes LOL! Maybe they can work with the poor unworn shoes I have sitting in my closet.

    Read the website- that's exactly what I was talking about. I had no idea these things existed- I'm going to order some.

  12. The last is a model of a foot they use to design the shoe. If your foot is nothing like the last the designer/brand uses than they will not fit your feet well. Since this is a really expensive process the cheaper shoes usually skimp here and that is why designer shoes are usually more comfortable.

    I find with some brands (i.e., Donald Pliner) the arch support in the shoe does not line up with mine or something so my arches hurt for days even though the ball of my feet are fine in them. Other shoes the balls of my feet hurt. This can be again from the last, a lack of padding, or the heel is too high.
  13. How about wearing a small pump? Actually, heels are really no good for your knees or feet. Many people who wear heals on a daily basis end up having knee problems.