Help! with Hayden Harnett return


Feb 10, 2006
I finally got credited for my Dorca flap bag that was defective. It seems the company withheld a delivery charge in my refund. The bag was DEFECTIVE! Not only that, but they had told me they would also reimburse me for the return delivery (which of course they haven't) SHould I file another claim with my bank or just chalk it up to "live and let live"?

They have yet to respond to my email querys!
Personally, if they said that they would refund the money for return shipping, I would email them yet again and notify them of the discrepancy. If they don't take any action, I would notify my CC company. This is just a matter of good business practice, to ensure your customers remain happy.

I can't believe how long this fiasco has been going on. Have you tried calling them? That might be quicker.
Do call them if you can. So many stores are more aware than ever of the importance of good customer service. An email may have fallen through the cracks somehow.
HOw much was the return delivery? They should refund you the money. If it was a small amount of money like $20 I just let it go instead of wasting my time. Ugh, how unfortunate! I can't believe it's been this long either.
I guess my original thread was hard to follow! The company withheld the delivery charge from THEIR end on the original shipment, in addition to the return shipping I paid. I didn't even ask for a reimbursement from my shipping, but I don't want to pay for the original shipping cost on a defective bag.

They send me a "short" note saying they refunded for shipping on their end, but that the "cost in expediting" (defective!!) bag should be enough. I did try to call, but no one answers or calls back.

Whew! DOne