Help with handbag brand?

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  1. Hey everyone

    I bought this really cute grey blue sling purse at an op shop today and it has a little horse and cart emblem on the front. It doesn't have any other tags but I *know* I've seen the motif somewhere before... a pic is up at

    Can anyone tell me the brand, any info appreciated

    Ta :smile:
  2. I'm afraid I don't know the brand, but I just have to say - that is a truly gorgeous colour. Nice pick!
  3. it looks very very similar to the hermes horse and cart but don't know anymore. love the colour too!
  4. That is the Hermes logo. You really have a treasure if thats an authentic Hermes. IMO all their items are collector items and great pieces to have in your collection. :biggrin:
  5. I'm 99% sure it's Celine. I was at my local Nordstrom tonight (San Diego). They had their Celine purses on display and one of them had a "larger-sized" brass logo and it looked like the one on your purse.
  6. i think it might be celine...
  7. could it be longchamp?
  8. Well, I just checked both theories, and regret to say that the Celine logo is a double 'C' and the Longchamp is a horse mid-gallop :sad:
  9. I tend to believe that this might be a vintage Hermes bag. I will try to see if I can find an older logo of theirs. Companies tend to redo their brand logos over time, maybe you got lucky
  10. Thanks Vlad! I'd really like to know myself.
  11. wow - let us know how you get on wiht it. hope it is an old collectible hermes!!!
  12. I wish we all could have finds like this one! (assuming that it is a Hermes). So exciting, and ditto re: keeping all posted on this!
  13. I think it's definitely Celine. I can't put a link to their website directly, but if you go to, take a look through their information on their collection. Apparently the logo is part of the "American Sulky" line. If you wait for the celine page to load, click on "english" then go to "celine's house" from there a separate page should load up and then you'll see three squares to the right to click on.

    Click on the middle square with the C logo--a new page should load up and then wait--eventually the American Sulky will load up. Sorry about the long explanation, but hopefully you'll see it so you can do your own comparison. Good luck!
  14. Another way to the logo is if you go to the logo that says "saga"--you'll get the Celine timeline. You can then click on 1967 and there's a storefront with the logo that I think is yours...