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  1. Hello, is any1 familiar with selling books on

    I see it says that listing is free, but how much do they charge once my item has been sold?
  2. Not sure but its not much, I sold some textbooks on there and after fees it was still worth it to sell. They also pay for shipping in advance as far as I can tell.
  3. really? Could u explain to me a bit on how that reimbursement works?

    Let's say I listed a book for $65..

  4. I just pulled up an old inventory receipt from my half...I sold a book for $62, they took a $7.75 commission and reimbursed me $2.64 or so for shipping.
  5. wow! thats not so bad! I would make more $ selling it on then sellin it to the schools bookstore!
  6. Yes definitely sell on half if you can, school bookstores rape old textbook worth and then sell it back to other students @ $10 off regular retail :rolleyes:
  7. Is only valid in the United States still?
  8. If it's academic books/textbooks etc you're interested in, I have had a lot of success with and it is completely free for unlimited listing.