Help with Hair shade please

  1. I absolutely adore the shade Keira is wearing here, I'm not sure waht to ask for though? I currently have med-dark brown hair, my colouring is very similar to Keira's :smile:
  2. Print this photo out and take it to your stylist. Ask her to show you a swatch of a color that is close and would be most flattering with your complexion. Good stylists are only too happy to advise!
  3. ^^^ I agree, bring in the picture. Ive even brought my whole lap top in so the printer wouldnt distort the color :yes:
  4. Coming from a would definitely be a good idea to bring this photo in. But just to let you know if your hair is a little bit darker than Kiera's the only thing your stylist will do is to put in a heavy weave and tone them with a level 7 (my suggestion something like a warm caramel) So it lightens up your hair overall, since color does not lift color the only way to achieve a lighter shade is by weaving. Hope this helps. ;)
  5. Yeah I'd print in the picture too and ask what they suggest.

    I would also prepare to point out what you like and dislike about the color so they could make corrections (i.e., you want your highlights more/less subtle).