Help with HAC!

  1. So, after seeing all your gorgeous HAC's I've decided I want one!LOL:rolleyes: But, I can't decide a colour or a leather, so I need all your help and suggestions! The following colours and leathers I already have, so we can leave them out:

    Rouge Garance in Clemence

    Ebene in Clemence

    Vache Naturelle

    Courchevel Gold

    Thalassa Blue Box

    I would also leave out all the bright colours such as, Fuschia, Vert Anis ecc....Also no Swift and no Exotics! Yes, I know, it doesn't leave much, LOL, but that's why I need your help!!!! Thanks!
  2. All your choices are gorgeous but Rouge Garance in Clemence would be fab in HAC!
  3. Black -- either box or togo. Very sleek looking.
  4. Well, I see one thing that seems to be missing from your collection: BLACK. What about a classic black HAC, maybe in Chevre?
  5. How about Black Box with R H/W?
  6. I agree with Nola....I love red HAC's!! :smile:
  7. I have a Black Hac w/gold hdwre and its a go with it all gorgeous handbag.
    My vote is Black:heart:
  8. Chevre coromandel. Etoupe. :tup:
  9. Duna, what size are you looking for? Black chevre really is gorgeous!
  10. The colours I've listed are those I already have, so we won't count those!

    Black is the colour I was thinking aswell, although I have a black Box Kelly, but a HAC is much more casual, so I would use them in different situations. In fact I would like a black Box HAC, but I'd have to SO and it would take for ever...I'm still waiting for 2 Box SO's, which God knows when they'll arrive:shrugs: Otherwise I was also thinking of black Vache Liegee; I didn't like it at first, but now it's growing on me, especially in dark colours. Does anybody know if it's very matte, or whether it has a bit of shine ? I would prefer a bit of shine..... Keep them coming ladies and gents!!!!

    Ninja, I just read your post after I posted mine, I want a size 32....
  11. I recently gave up a Gold HAC VL and is had somewhat of a sheen to it. It definitely was not mat.
  12. VL has a shine, duna.
  13. Vert Anis (in CDC or Mysore) will look nice and you need something green in your collection :graucho:.
  14. For Duna...who likes browns, right?

    Ebene (simply one of the best colors ever IMO)
    RGarrance (change of pace, but nice color pop for "neutral" girls)
    Gold (because of leather, not because of color)
    Thalasa Blue (for color, prefer RG)
  15. What about 'Graphite'? It's a really interesting color and keeps me guessing in various leathers.

    I can't remember if the black VL has a nice sheen, it's been a while since I've seen one but the ebene VL is quite flat, at least for me, it won't have a leather sheen like box or swift because the surface is not smooth.