*Help* with Gucci Abbey Tote!

  1. I recently ordered the Abbey from Gucci and I dont know if the sides are suppose to look like this since I've only seen it in real life from far away distances.

    When I got it I thought the sides were kinda weird since the fold/crease on the sides werent as i expected. I'm horrible at describing but could anyone who owns a Gucci abbey tote help look at the pictures for me?

    I posted pictures here on the forum


    Thank you! thank you! thank you!!
  2. ok since im horrible with explaining I found another picture online to try to explain.

    so from the pictures it looks like maybe thats just how the bag is suppose to be like and im the only one who things its weird because why doesnt it have a even fold?

  3. i'll take a look tonight and see. it's up in my closet sleeping.. but i'll let you know ;)