Help with Google Checkout & International Sales (outside US/Canada)

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just set up my Bonanzle account for Google Checkout a few days ago and sold a handbag yesterday to a woman in Hong Kong. However, when she went to pay for the bag, she received a message saying that she couldn't pay for it because my account was only set up to handle purchases in the US and Canada (I am in the US).

    I went to the GC Merchant help forum and asked how to address this issue (I know that it can be done) and the kind people there did respond, but they are clearly more tech-savvy than I am, because I did not understand their complex instructions in the least. :sad: Can some lovely individual here please give me step by step instructions on how to enable international sales on my GC account?

    I would appreciate it a great deal!!! :flowers:

    Thanks so much!!! :smile:
  2. :bump:

    I am sending good karma your way..... :smile:
  3. Hi all,

    I eventually figured out the answer to this question myself, so I thought I'd share. :smile:

    If you are using GC and have a buyer outside the US, Canada, or the UK, you just need to manually send them an invoice (you need their gmail address to do this). Go into the "tools" section of GC Merchant Center and take it from's easy!

    (FYI: There actually is a permanent way of setting up your GC to accept all international buyers, but it is pretty complicated. The solution I describe here is more of a stop-gap measure, but it does work!)

    Hope this helps someone out. ;)