help with good quality panyhose (NOT tights!)

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  1. I need to buy a pair of pantyhose for next weekend. But at age 29 I still have NEVER had a pair of sheer hose that have survived a night. Is it just me???

    Control top would be preferred but as long as they are sheer (I'm whiter than white so they need to not be dark beige).

    Any ideas? No I don't wear them very often but I'm sick and tired of throwing money down the drain.
  2. I have had great results with Leggs Silken Mist, which I buy in bulk for dirt cheap at the outlets. Donna Karen, which I cannot personally attest to, is consistently rated as the maker of the best sheer hose. In a whole other price range you have Wolford and Falke.
  3. This is why I prefer stockings: if you get a run you only have to throw one away, and it's much easier to carry an extra stocking in your purse than a bulky pair of pantyhose. The thigh-highs with the wide lace tops stay up very well without a garter belt. has a great selection.
  4. Better quality pantyhose resist snags... also compression pantyhose come in sheer as well and do not run. ( has lots to choose from.
  5. ^ are compression pantyhose not a medical thingy? Can anyone wear them?
  6. There are compression pantyhose from 8 to 20 mmhg of compression in sheer to ultra sheer hoisery that can be purchased off the self without a medical prescribtion. You may find that besides finding pantyhose that don't run easily, these are still attractive and you will be doing a very healthy thing for your legs. Everyone thats on their feet day after day should wear at least a light compression pantyhose or stockings to keep their legs fit. Vein problems could show up big time in your later years.
  7. My favorite were Nine West backseam stockings. The Stein Mart near where I used to live had them in stock all the time, but now I can't find them. They were excellent quality and I got a couple of wears out of each pair before I had to throw them away. Good luck!
  8. Nine West use to sell backseam stockings but no longer sells them... too bad because they were good stockings.
  9. whether I spend $20 on a pair of hose or 50 cents, doesn't matter.. I run pantyhose like crazy!

    which is why I get them cheap at
  10. I still go for Wolford every time (^(oo)^)

    Fatal 15 for seamless:

    Individual 10 for control-top:

    Personally, I favor the Individual 10 stay-ups, as it just feels less restrictive to wear stay-ups, and they really do stay up quite securely (^(oo)^)