HELP!!! with ghost clutches...

  1. I am in love love love with the ghost clutch and want to know if there still are places that carry them or if any of you ladies know where i could get one. i know they are discontinued but i know some stores still have older balenciagas. is there even any hope of finding one??? i hope so.
  2. There is one on eBay and the seller is a PF'er
  3. I looked and its not up anymore :sad: thanks for helping me out though
  4. Yeah, these are real hard to come by (I have an old one in Ivory). However, I recall that the Barneys NY (Copley Place, Boston) had a Black one last time I was in there (before the holidays). Give them a call ... GOOD LUCK!
  5. What colour are you looking for? :smile:
  6. im looking for any color i love love love the shape of the bag, i called Barneys and they had no clue what i was talking about:sad: im really sad, thanks for all your help ladies i really appreciate it.
  7. How do you descibe it to an SA because not all of them know all the names of the balenciagas, its so stressful. :confused1:
  8. Lvgnrb, You missed this ebay listing that ended just a day before your posting :sad:
    It is an 05 Calcaire Ghost with beautiful leather..
    If you do a search under the "'Completed Listing" you will find it..
    Perhaps you could email the seller (who happens to be a TPFer :smile:) asking whether she still has the item..

    Good luck!
  9. i saw that one and was going to buy it but someone got it before i did. i have to say i was quite upset. thanks for looking out for one though.
  10. Do you know the character "Casper the Ghost"? I would tell them that it looks like the upper portion of Casper, but without the arms! :lol:
  11. CeeJay- haha i never thought of describing it like that. thanks so much for the advice!
  12. Are you sure hun?
    I thought that one has ended w/out bids..:confused1:
  13. hey..thats rite!
    I like your desc Ceejay :lol:

  14. yes, i e-mailed her numerous times and did not recieve a response. then the item was no longer avaliable. she had already sold it.:crybaby:
  15. The 05 Calcaire yeah? *hope we are talking about the same one..
    I had it saved on My Ebay and just checked that it ended without bid..