Help with French Purse Wallet!

  1. Can those who own one tell me where the date code is. I've been trying to find mine and its nowhere to be found. Also a bit upset s some of the stitches seem to have come out grrrrr
  2. Did you just buy this wallet? If so, definitely considering returning it to get one that's not defective. My Tresor had really crooked stitching on one side and I returned it for another one the next day. By the way, do all LA wallets (all styles) have date codes inside?
  3. I can't find the date code in my french purse either!
  4. The date code should be in one of bills compartment.
    I think you should exchange your wallet .

    BigBagLady, as far as I know all of the wallet have the date code inside. Sometime it's very hard to find.
  5. I tried by best to take a pic! HTH!!!
    PICT3112.JPG PICT3124.JPG
  6. found it! thanks!
  7. thanks, I found mine as well. Do you really think I could exchange it? I've had it probably 1 1/2 years?
  8. Darn, I'm still trying to find mine! :P
  9. thank you - i found mine as well. Do you think I could exchange it, I've had it about a year and a half?
  10. I found mine, thanks :biggrin: Loriw You can give them a call and let them know that the stitches are coming out. I'm not sure if they'll let you exchange it. Goodluck!
  11. They wont exchange it, but will offer to send it way to be fix (for a price since its past the one yr mark)
  12. I looked all over and still can find the date code in my Tresor. I bought it only a couple of weeks ago. It's from the LV at Holt Renfrew's so it's got to be the real thing, right?! Can someone else who has another Tresor check inside their wallet to see if you can also not see a date code. Thanks in advance.