Help with food ideas for party

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  1. I'm queen of planning ahead. My LO turns 2 in October and we have booked his party at an orchard/farm. These places get booked up pretty quickly since everyone does fall activities at this time, especially the week leading up to Halloween. Anyway - the party is from 2-4 and the cost includes tables, pumpkin picking for the kids and a hayride. I need ideas for food - since it's from 2-4 I don't know if I should do something heavy. Any and all ideas are welcome. I am open to cooking/baking things myself. The party will be outside but we do have our own private picnic area, but no access to a grill or anything like that. On my guest list I have around 10 kids and in total about 30 people.
  2. I think you should do some light finger sandwiches and maybe some hors d'oeuvres. Since your celebration is on a farm, maybe you can have some rustic-inspired food? You don't need to have a big meal for your guests. Hope this helps!
  3. That was my biggest question -- big meal or not. I think 2-4 is such a short time frame that we wouldn't be able to sit down for long anyway. Thanks for the advice.
  4. No, imo, don't plan a meal AT ALL. Have foods that can sit and eaten w/o plasticware or plates - like fruit kabobs, cheese on toothpicks, quartered sandwiches, etc. . . I'd offer juice boxes and the 8oz bottled waters.
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  5. Yup, I'm with swanky. Next to no food at all! Juice boxes for thirsty kids.. water bottles.. some snack packs or fun size bags of pretzels maybe.. just something casual! Everyone will be busy with activities.

    I'd focus on coming up with lootbags for every kid to take home. In the bag would include maybe a gingerbread cookie, a small toy, some chocolates and candies... all wrapped nicely with a tag that says "thank you for celebrating with us!" Sort of thing.

    Good luck and have fun planning!
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    I'm also with Swanky and ManilaMama - just a small assortment of snack/finger foods and waters (in my area a lot of parents are anti-juice, don't know how it is where you live) and a birthday cake/cupcakes is sufficient. I've been to a lot of young kid birthday parties for that age group with my child, and would never expect, or could even eat!, a full meal from 2-4pm.

    Since the party is timed from 2-4pm, the guests - adults and children - will have eaten lunch and won't be ready for a big meal in lieu of dinner. 2-4pm is kid snack time (will some be cranky too, since it's also afternoon naptime for many 1-2-3 year olds?) so they may want something to nibble in between running around and the planned activities. The adults may grab a handful of something too, as they follow their kids around to play, accompany them in the pumpkin field, and go on the hayride, etc.

    Also agree on the small goodie bags for each child as a fun 'thank you' - again in my area we don't give out a lot of sweets - so maybe a small pumpkin-themed toy or necklace or even something like socks (check Oriental Trading online - tons of super-inexpensive themed items for parties), a packet of gummies or goldfish crackers, etc.

    Good luck planning and best wishes for a great party!
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  7. I would just go with traditional party food.
  8. Chocolate clusters
    Mini hotdogs
    Honey joys
    Nutella fairy bread
    Nutella fairy bread