Help with fluers charm

  1. Hi everyone I purchased my fluers charm this summer and have been gently using it ever since. Today two of the charms fell off in my hands! I am so upset I love this piece so much. I was wondering what I should do? I really did not expect and LV piece of this age just to fall apart! Shuld I bring it into my store? Anyone else have a similar problem?
  2. I would bring it to the store and let them take a look at it. I wouldn't think it should just "fall" apart.
  3. I agree would take it back to store and see if they can send it out for repair at no charge to you, should last longer than that
  4. Take it back I had a problem with my pastilles long chain and cell phone charm they swapped straight over no questiosn asked
  5. Yeah definitely do that. I use mine as a bag charm as does my mom, and neither of us have had any problems with it.
  6. yeah take it back and they should give you a new one.

    i have one and haven't had any probs w/ it, but my SA at Saks in San Antonio mentioned that they've gotten several complaints about this very issue (i remember someone else on TPF had a charm fall off too)

  7. Yes, you are right, someone did have this problem and they posted it. If you have your receipt, take it and the receipt back to LV, they should exchange you a new one. I have this charm; however, I have only placed it as a bag charm once since I got it. I did notice that the end closure, one has to adjust it a little to get it to close just perfectly. I know this is a problem, for when I bought one, I tried 3 of them they had in stock before I purcashed mine and they were all the same way. The clip closure is cute; however, LV brass clip closures are definitely more durable and heavier. I guess they used this newer style clip because it is actually "costume" type jewelry/piece. I would say it surely cannot be used as a real key holder, its not made well enough nor is it strong enough. It really should be limited to a bag charm, something just cute!
  8. take it back to the shop..let us knwo the outcome..:tup:
  9. ita! take it back- they should fix it or replace it! i still believe in quality for lv- so i would expect it. i would be very surprised if they didnt. based on normal wear and tear- of course!
  10. Yep, I remember another TPF-er also had a problem with charms falling off her Fleurs Key Holder.

    I love it as well, so I hope you get bring it in for a new one pronto! Good luck! :flowers:
  11. Wow, I wouldn't expect this to happen in only 6-8 months. Take it back!
    Let us know how LV makes it right for you- good luck!
  12. I agree with eveybody, definitely take it back.

    That should not be happening period.

    Good Luck! :flowers:
  13. I'd take it in. Thats boojy the way it fell apart.
  14. Take it back for sure. For the price it should not fall apart.

    Please keep us updated.

    I just got one for Christmas. I really love it. I hope mine does not have this problem.
  15. Like others suggested, definitely take it back and see what they can do.
    I don't have the key chain/bag charm, but I do have the cell phone charm, which gets banged around a lot (sometimes I just throw my phone on the table or toss it into my bag) and other than some light surface scratches on the resin pieces and tarnishing of the hardware, I haven't had any serious problems with mine. I've had it since the summer, too.