Help with first purcahse please!!!

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  1. Are there any recommended sellers to buy from on Ebay. I would like to buy my first balenciaga...but I want to buy it for less then retail so ebay seems like a good option. But I haven't purchased a bag from there before because of all the fakes. Hence the dilemna, any information would be hugely appreciated...thank you!!!
  2. Just look here on Achtung, Balenciaga. These bags are safe. Browse on ebay and see if you see anything you like, then post authenticity questions on that thread of the Balenciaga forum. What bags are you liking? What colors? What size? You are not going to find any Balenciaga's in good shape for less than $750- $950. And those are used bags. If you see any on ebay substantially less than that, they are probably fake.
    You need to research about Balenciagas. I didn't know anything a few months ago, but I just researched alot. Here is a good resource:
    atelier.naff: The art of the tag: reading the inside of a Balenciaga bag
  3. There are some good sellers on ebay. It might be easier for you to find some listings you are interested in and then post them on the "A Place for Fakes" and people will tell you whether they think they are authentic or not. This thread is a good one to look at also because the items that are posted here are ones that people think are authentic.

    Good Luck!!!
  4. Thanks for all the replie...I am looking to spend somewhere in the $800-1200 range, so hopefully I can find one that's nice. I am not sure of the style but I like the look of the city and the twiggy...I'm very new to I'm sure as I know opinions might change!!! Actually it was all the posts about balenciaga that made me want to purchase one!!!! Now I'm dying to get one....I may even end up paying retail when I visit my boyfriend in New York!!! My bank account may not be able to survive this forum.
  5. No, your bank account will not survive
  6. LOL! but that is so true!
    If you are going to speng that amount of money on a used one, you might as well hold off until NY and get a new one. That way you can play with all the different styles and find the perfect one for you. Unless you are looking for an "older" color, then ebay would be the best way to go. Just my opinion though. Good Luck!!:yes:
  7. Hey welcome and good luck on ur purchase :smile: