Help with first LV.

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post. Sorry, I think it's gonna be rather long!:smile:

    Okay, so I know you get lots of questions like this, but I'd really like to hear all of your opinions, please.

    I'm going to order my first LV from Elux soon, possibly today, and I'm planning on getting a Damier Speedy. So here are my questions -

    1) I'm not quite sure which size to get. I'm petite, about 5'2'' and a size 0-2, but I tend to carry quite a bit. On a regular basis, I carry a wallet, keys, RZR, umbrella, makeup bag, sunglasses in a case, tissues, little thing of lotion, contact case with solution and eyedrops, plus stuff like a Tide To Go pen and maybe a book. Also during the school year I usually just put my lunch and a bottle of water in my bag.

    2) I'm only sixteen. Do you think this print is too old for me?

    3) Is the Damier extremely dressy? Or do you think it can be dressed down, too? Denim is a BIG part of my life, lol, but I don't want to look stupid. I love the look of the speedy, but I just can't see myself carrying the monogram.

    I think the 30 is the way to go, but I don't want to look like I'm carrying an apartment complex on my arm. The nearest LV boutique is hours and hours away, so I'm not able to go and try on the bags. I have been through the reference thing and all of that, but everything just looks different on different people etc.

    Thank you so much!:flowers:
  2. Welcome to tpf!! Because of your age, I would have normally suggested the 25 but I am going to suggest the 30 because you carry a lot in your bag. I don't think the damier print is too old for you. It can be dressed up or down. Good Luck.......
  3. i just ordered my first LV and it was the batignolles horizontal :smile:
  4. i would have said a 25 for your age but you carry just as much as i do and we are around the same height so id say go for the 30.
    i always thought damier was more of a masculine print. you should go with what you love though.
  5. the 30 should be good according to your list above.
  6. I think damier looks better in the smaller size, and the 25 does hold quite a lot. I think you should order the 25 and if it doesn't work for your items, exchange it.
  7. Actually, since I am such a Saleya booster (I have two), I would recommend the Saleya PM even MORE.

    Here is what mine holds:



  8. I would get an azur speedy. I am 5'1 and the speedy 25 fits just right.
  9. Me too. Speedy 30 looks huge on me for some reason, maybe because it's both wider and taller than the 25.
  10. I don't think Damier is dressy. Now Suhali, that's dressy.

    But really, if you are confident, you can carry any bag you want. One of the great things about LV bags, like Speedies, is that they can be dressed up or down, for any season.
  11. If you are a shoulder bag girl, I would recommend to Batignolles or the Saleya like Jane. However, it sounds like you have your mind set on the speedy (which is a GREAT bag).. I would go with the 30.. it has a bigger opening than the 25 and it's easier to get things in and out.. and Damier is totally maintenance free.. no pale leather to worry about!

    Best of luck!!!
  12. i'm 24 this year but petite and small sized, just like you - 5 ft 1 1/2, size 0. i've tried both the 30 and the 25 at the boutiques and the 30 looked huge on me (it's almost looked as if i was struggling with it, even though it was empty). i thought the 25 was just nice on me and really cute.

    based on appearances alone, i would suggest that you get the 25. however, i'm not sure whether you can fit all your stuff into it as i've personally never tried stuffing a 25 with my stuff so i can't really judge.

    no matter whether you're 16 or 60, if you like the bag, work it. :smile:
  13. I think you should go fot the damier 30. I think the speedy shape is young fun and casual. I used to think the damier print was masculine, but i changed my mind when i tried it on in the store. also if you think the damier is too old maybe you can tty the mini lin ebene, it has the mono print on it but it is much smaller than the regular mono canvas

    also i'm not sure the sunglasses case would fit in the 25 with all the other stuff in thier. wich is why i went from a mono 25 to 30
  14. LOL...laughing at the responses...

    I love this board, but we rarely agree ;)

    Personally I love the 30. The 25 is too small to me, what good is a bag, if it doesn't hold everything. kwim?

    I think damier can be dressed up or down.
  15. Speedy 25 in mono, or Speedy 25 in damier azur.