Help with first designer bag!

  1. Hi, im pretty new but iv been reading alot of posts! i recently got a job (im 18) and REALLY want a high end bag for the quality. i used to be in love with the chloe paddington but now i think thats a bit everywhere now, so any reccomendations on what u think will be this seasons 'it' bag as it were, im quite keen on the marc jacobs stam :smile:

    all input appreciated! thanks!:yes:
  2. what is your ideal price range?
  3. stam is a great bag. but it's as heavy as the paddy.
    for the first designer bag, i recommend a classic like lv or chanel. or balenciaga? :P
  4. I would suggest a speedy if you go LV, a great starter piece I think. Otherwise balenciaga would be a great choice too and there is such a big selection that will sure fit your style
  5. I would go for a Louis Vuitton one, maybe one of the newer styles eg. Antigua or the chain effect ones. Louis Vuitton never seems to go out of fashion and if you buy one which is only going to be made for a while and is not in there usual design, its sure to be rare in the future and a good investment. :smile:
  6. thanks everyone! my price range is about £1000 - £1500, hopefully! if im honest, lv isnt really my style, nothing against it, i just dont absolutely love it, and if im spending that money i want something i will love!

    im interested in a chanel, does anyone have any more info, i live in newcastle by the way so any info on where to go aswell wud be helpful, i realise i may have to go to edinburgh!
  7. Go going tomorrow having a look and a shop lol. Its the most amazing place ever and you will find bags there which you wont find anywhere else. Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, louis name it...its there :smile:
  8. I say go with a Chanel. It's classic and will last a lifetime. However if you see the Paddy and you love it, I say don't worry about what other people are wearing and get it.
  9. I agree that the Paddy is a bit overdone now, and if you're tired of it already, I wouldn't pay $$ for it!

    A Chanel would be a great option, and you can defintely afford one in your budget. They start around $1500 for the classic flaps and for the smaller totes and go up from there. I'd suggest taking a peek at some of the Chanel bags in the sub-forum - lots of pics there, and that will help you narrow down your search before you go into the store.
  10. If you like the Stam, I think you should go for it! That is such a beautiful bag and very hip. My first designer bag was a Marc Jacobs and I was so happy with the quality of the leather and workmanship. MJ bags are also very versatile, going from day to evening and season to season. Also you can always get a baby Stam if you are worried about it being heavy.
  11. If you like the stam (which I love and own in black) then I agree with the others that a Chanel is a good choice for you. My first designer bag was a Chanel and its still my husbands favorite label to buy me as gifts. I also recommend you look at the Gucci lines, as they remain classic in style and you can use them for years and years. Congratulations on your first purchase..that is so exciting, though I will tell you its still exciting when you get older too and build your collection...I still get excited with each new purchase! Be sure to post pics when you make your decision.
  12. Bottega Veneta