Help with first Chanel bag

Aug 13, 2019
I’ve always loved Chanel, and am finally ready to purchase my first bag from them. I currently have an LV neonoe as my every day bag. I also have a red Gucci and black Prada purse in a smaller size for going out (which rarely happens this year). My main intention for the Chanel is to use it every day. So far I’m leaning towards the maxi flap with top handle in black, but I’m wondering if it’s too big or bulky for daily use. Any suggestions are really appreciated. For what it’s worth, I’m also looking at another LV neonoe, but it feels like time to upgrade.


Apr 4, 2018
If at all possible, I recommend you try on each of the styles you're considering. They are both very different bags in term of style, ease of use and weight. Also it doesn't appear that the NeoNoe can be worn crossbody. Is that a deal breaker for you?


Mar 12, 2008
I also recommend trying it on or looking at alot of YouTube videos. It's hard to give advice without knowing what you'll be using it for, preference, wardrobe, body type , lifestyle, kids/no kids, etc. The maxi coco handle is quite large.

I can say this much, caviar would be the best if you want everyday. Darker colors would also be the best for everyday as well. However, if you love it, then get it. I have seen the most petite women rock the maxi classic flap. Get what you love.
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