Help with first CDC. EPSOM OR BOX

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  1. Hello Friends. New in Hermes Forum. Joined the purse years ago but was absent because of health issues and shopping wasn't in my mind. Am getting better now and the joy of shopping is back ;). Seeking your opinion for my first CDC.
    I am silver person. I wear yellow gold sometimes depending on the mood.
    Went to hermes shop with PHW in mind and black colour. Didn't think of what type of leather.
    In past years I was hunting for black and PHW in L size within not much success and than I forgot Boutique it.

    I was offered in the shop the only 2 black in L size. One is box PHW and second in epsom and RGHW.
    I love both. Asking the SA which will be more durable, she suggested the epsom in RGHW.

    So here is my problem. I am not familiar with both types of leather. Anyone know how is the box behaviour as CDC?

    I left the shop with RGHW and epsom in black and kind of not sure about the gold.
    I think I will reach for silver more.

    Please help 😣
    I will post both photos. Forgive me I don't know how to post more than one in the post.
    Please forgive my English too not native speaker.

    Thank you so much for your advice.

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  2. Here is the RGHW in epsom.

    Keep it? Is it so special to Hermes as I was told and can get black in next..?
    Appreciate your advice.

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  3. Wow, the one with rghw is really pretty! Love ️
  4. Thank you luxuryphile . Appreciate you reading my post.
    I got it in L . I hope it won't strach as it was snug in the last bar.

    Any one know if epsom in CDC strach?

    But still didn't open the I keep thinking of the PHW :smile:

    How is box in CDC? Will it get scratches easy? How about water or rain?

    Will it get soft with use?

    Buy both?

    Thank you.

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  5. They said its box? I thought the smooth CDCs were swift. I just bought a swift CDC. I haven't heard of box being available for SLGs.
  6. Wow! This is a hard one... I love box and I also love RGHW with black. (Both look really good on you, too!) I don't own any box CDCs. I have a bamboo swift, a gold barenia, and one blue izmir small scale croc. I'd love a RGHW black. It softens up a tough, chic look. Arrrrgh! I'm no help at all. Get both of them! :coolio::supacool::cool:
  7. 😂 😂 thank you Ladybank, indeed you make it tugh. I wanted PHW ended with RGHW. ..but didn't gave up the idea of paladium. ...couldn't get gold barenia in paladium. Would you wait for Barenia and paladium. I need one in paladium. ..I know if I go there today may cave and get both and wait for barenia. .sigh :smile:

    Thank you for your time and advice...
  8. Black phw CDC is next on my wish list as I dont have phw CDC and I saw the same black CDC phw in box on us H website.. scratch-prone, I fear.. and I guess need to be careful with water splashes.. I don't think it makes a difference how the leather behaves if its on a bag or a CDC... I would wait for swift or Epsom if it has to be phw
  10. I think the black RGHW and a gold barenia PHW would be PERFECT! :smile:
  11. Epsom:
    It is a processed grained skin. Hardness wise not as hard as box leather.

    Smooth skin. Hardness as you can tell it more than Epsom. This leather will develop elegant luster over time so the more you use it the shinier it gets. Since it is a smooth leather, you tend to see scratches on the leather easily.

    Good luck in choosing.
  12. If you are delicate with things, choose box. Epsom is stiffer but be aware that it cannot be retouched if it shows sign of wear overtime since it's embossed leather. Good luck deciding.
  13. I adore my epsom CDC. The grain gives a nice visually interesting texture in contrast to the shiny hardware and the leather is quite durable. I say keep epsom for sure and maybe wait for your next CDC with phw. A box CDC sounds too delicate to me, but I suppose that depends on your life style. Good luck--it looks amazing on your wrist! Am happy to hear you are healthy!!
  14. Thank you for explanation. Epsom felt lighter I gusse that is the reason I choosed it over the box.
    But as I was reading every thing about box in the forum I have regrets not picking the box and PHW first choice.
    Thank you.
  15. Thank sparkle Lisa, I agree with the visual look of the leather texture and the gold. I am very caring and careful with all my bags or accessories.

    I was told RGHW is very special to Hermes I guess it plays in my pick of the opposite to what have in mind.

    From past experience in Hermes you grab what you find or its gone for long time..
    Will see what my heart say in the store.