Help with finding dancers' leggings like these?

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  1. Would like ones with the same cropped style and material (it seems to be stretchy, not shiny, and not see-through - the combo I'm looking for). Not necessarily the same color (black would be cool, too), but if you know of a legging company that makes this color, that'd be great. :biggrin: Thanks!

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  2. I got some very similar ones from Forever21 for like $4.80
  3. lululemon
  4. danskin...they've been supplying dancers for ages...and I swear by their leggings for workout, specifically the cotton/lycra ones.
  5. I have 6 pairs of danskin ankle length black leggings and they are without a doubt the best leggings out there. Two pairs of my supplex leggings are 15 years old and after multiple washing they are still heavier then most of the other name brands. The problem is that Danskin has seemed to have gone out of business or have stopped supplying to their retailers. Every outlet that I have purchased Danskin leggings from have said that they can no longer get them. I have recently heard that they are coming back but with a limited product line and nothing in the ankle length. I hope that you can confirm that my information is wrong and you can direct me to a supplier that still sells cotton/lycra and supplex ankle length leggings. I need them... I live in them.

  6. Pineapple dance studios :biggrin:
  7. ^ what I thought as well! I have a bag from Pineapple!
  8. I believe Danskin declared bankruptcy
  9. I LOVE their stuff. Both of my trainers are from them, i have a pair for work outs and a pair for sweats days. They are so comfy and great quality. I am going to get some of the yoga pants tomorrow too :biggrin:
  10. Oh that's bad news about Danskin they been in business forever.. going to miss their clothing. On the bright side I bought a pair of Danskin shinny black leggings at the thrift store in mint shape for $4.
  11. Omg, Danskin declared bankruptcy?! I looooooove their tights, I have a pair that I used to wear for performances like 5 years ago that are still going strong. has lots of different leggings in bright, fun colors.