Help with Fendi

  1. I just discover while on the freakin train that my cognac spy bag has what appears to be a black marker mark on the bottom of her bag. How the hell can I get it off!!!???
  2. I know Coach makes a very good leather cleaner, but I would probably call Fendi or go, b/c they have a cleaning service. So they will either ship it out for you, or they can also give you the name and address of the people they use, and you can take it directly to the cleaners that they would send it to. Hope this helps!
  3. Thank you so much Fendilover for responding to my sos. But I was crazy enough to try some experiment and it WORKED!!! I have the Instant Waterless Hand Sanitizer by my desk and thought that this may be a secret weapon for stains. And IT IS!!! The mark is gone. Now don’t try this at home ladies…this was PURE desperation and insanity on my part that happened to work. I am however going to take it to the Fendi store for cleaning. Thank you!!!