Help with Fedex!!

  1. Hi girls, I am very new ebayer. I opened a new account with fedex and plan to send a package to my buyer who is in Canada. So, I go on Fedex website and organize shipping label, but cuz shipping fee is too high so we argeed to send this package with USPS. But I found out just now, I got charged for my credit card (I assum cuz I organized and downloaded that label). Does anyone have an idea of what happened to me? and can I get my money back? They charged me for $155:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: thank you for advice!!
  2. I know with USPS if it's within 24 hours you can cancel the label. I am sure Fedex must operate similarly and I am sure you will get your money back. Log into your account and check the shipping history/labels created and see if you can cancel it from here. If you can't find how to do it get a refund by using their website then I would call customer service.
  3. Thank you westiegirl. It was a mth ago, and I just received my credit card bill today so found out I got charged. I will call customer service tmr. Thank you:yes:
  4. i think they'll refund you as long as they don't have records that show that label being scanned for shipment.
  5. Exactly & fingers crossed they refund you!
    P.S. I always use USPS for international shipments as Fedex is way too expensive.
  6. Thank you galz. I haven't contacted them yet, but I will call them tmr. I hope I can get my money back as well.:yes: