HELP with Fall 06 bags

  1. I'm REALLY interested in both these bags. Can someone tell me the names as well as what price range they might be in. Thanks all :flowers:
    lv3.jpg lv4.jpg
  2. Sorry that I can't help but the one on the left is gorgeous! :drool:
  3. The one on the right is Cathy bag. Est. retail is US$3200.00 and it's not a small bag.

  4. Thank you, I think it might come in another color besides bronze, am I correct?

    Does anyone know anything about the bag on the left as that's the one I'm most interested in?
  5. Hi Molls, I was in the LV store and the SA showed me their book with the prices. I can't remember if it was $3200 or $3750 but it's definitely in the $3000 up range. =)
  6. I think the one on the left is the runway version of Cathy bag. My SA told me that LV replaced alligator trim with patent leather (to lower the costs:wacko:!). It will come in two colors: the one in the ad and the lighter leather, dark beige is the best way I can describe it. I hope this helps. If you have a store near you, print the ad and take it there. That's what I did. Then SA took out the BIBLE and we looked through it to find the info on the bag.
  7. The one on the right is very lovely, I hear it's also very big!