Help with fake purse please

  1. On Jan 4th I bought a purse through eBay. I paid with paypal. I posted pics on the forum and was told it was not authentic. I asked the seller, quite nicely, I thought, to accept a return and refund my money and she said no. Mypoupette has now confirmed that the purse is not authentic. Though I have been using eBay for a while, I've never had a problem. I'm not really sure what to do. Have I waited long enough to file my claim? Do I do it through paypal *and* eBay? Does anyone have experience with a paypal claim with Mypoupette's certificate of non-authenticity. Is that usually all they need or is this a long and difficult process? Really, I'm not trying to be a snot. I just want my money refunded for the fake purse sold as the real thing.

    help. :smile:
  2. Just PayPal. It's called "Significantly Not As Described". You start with a dispute in PayPal to open up communication with your seller.

    If they don't respond and offer up a full refund, then you take it to a claim. That's when you want to have all of your evidence in hand (copy of auction, letter from MyPoupette, etc) and PayPal will rule its decision.

    IF for any reason, you get to a claim and they find in favor of the seller, do a chargeback on your credit card. (I'm hoping you used a CC!) You do that by contacting your credit card company.
  3. I have just called my credit card company the few times I got stuck with a counterfeit and they took care of the whole problem with an immediate charge back.
  4. ^Don't begin with your CC first. The user agreement with Paypal has a clause stating that when you have a dispute you need to work it out thru Paypal first otherwise you risk Paypal closing/limiting your account. Use the CC as a last resort if Paypal fails to help you out.

    The steps start with the MyEbay page. On the drop down menu next to your item won select report "item not received/not as described" and it will automatically take you thru the different pages you need to go thru.

    First you will file for a dispute. This is where you will be provided with a forum where you and your seller can discuss and come to terms on a solution. If that does not work (or your seller ignores you) - then:

    You will escale to a claim. In order to gain Paypal assistance, you will have to do the next step which is escalating the dispute to a claim. At this point Paypal will get involved in making a decision. When that does not work -

    Either file for an appeal with Paypal or file thru your CC (chargeback).
  5. Since you do have evidence from Mypoupette to prove, immediately after opening the dispute you should escalate to a claim. Stay in touch with Paypal closely, at some point in time they will send you an email or post a message for you to send the evidence from mypoupette in order to win the claim.
  6. That's interesting because I have never bothered with Paypal when I've received countefeit or truly "significantly not as described" and just called AMEX to file a charge back. They have handled everything perfectly with Paypal on my behalf. I have only put it in AMEX's hands though if the seller refuses a return with full refund.
  7. Merry, that is good about AMEX to protect you, excellent. The user agreement with Paypal says users agree to work out problems with Paypal first, doing otherwise gives Paypal the right to limit or close your account. This does not happen to everyone, or right away, each situation is different. I just don't like users risking something when they not aware of the rules with Paypal and later on find out that their account has been limited or closed.
  8. That's a very good point, Mmmpurses! No, I would not want to suggest anybody break the rules at Paypal or Ebay. So, yes, under the circumstances it makes sense to contact them first before a credit card company. Frankly, I've always tried to work out problems (fortunately there have only been very few) with sellers first before ever contacting a third party.
  9. There is a time limit for opening a dispute on Paypal - within 45 days I believe - so don't let that get away from you.