Help with EXTREMELY tangly hair!

  1. I need some help from the beauty experts. I have somewhat thin, naturally wavy hair. I typically wash it every other day, condition, and use a leave in, and then use a dime sized amount of gel, and let it air dry. Lately, I've noticed it's been very very hard to get a comb through my hair after washing it, even with the detangler. It seems quite dry, and I'm afraid the combo of the dryness plus styling build up is making almost impossible to comb through. It takes about 20 min. and it gets so knotted that I'm pulling some of it out! :faint::tdown: Is there any products that people would recommend that would stop this, or maybe some homemade concoctions that would help? Also, is there something I'm doing wrong that is causing this! HELP me! :crybaby:
  2. Which shampoo and conditioner are you using?
  3. I was using Biolage for awhile, and recently got some John Frieda Brunette Shine Release Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Should I be using something else?
  4. Hey,

    I had the exact same problem, my hair is almost waist length and it was so easely tangled. What I did was use a strong protein treatment (those are for damaged hair only and not to use if your hair is completely healthy). As mine was only a little bit damged at the ends and only knotted at the ends I just put the protein treatment there: I used 'CAT' from the Redken extreme line. After that I used the all soft heavy cream (also Redkin) to moisturize. Always remember to moisturize after a protein treatment! After the mask I used a conditioner (lait vital of Kérastase) to finish and with the conditioner in my hair I brushed it with a bore brush (those with soft natural hairs).
    Then I rinsed it all out and put some nutri-sculpt (product from the kérastase nutritive line) on my ends, only the ends. Then I went to sleep and in the morning my hair was supersoft, not tangled and felt healthy, even in the ends. And it was shiny too:tup:.

    I hope this has helped a little:sweatdrop::smile:. What I also find is that brushing with a bore bristle brush is much better to gently remove any tangles than combing.
  5. I think some of it has to do with the seasonal dryness from the heat, and outdoor elements. I agree with Angel on using a deep conditioning treatment.
  6. I don't know what I'm doing different now but that was definatly my hair a few years back. It would take about 20 min. to comb out and I actually hated the thought of washing hair. Thinking back, maybe it was because I had the bleach blonde look, lots of blond hi-lights where I'm actually a lot more natural color. My hair was not dry/damaged but very tangly. I do know I used to use terax daily.
  7. Is your hair relatively tangle free with the conditioner while in the shower? My hair would get all tangled as soon as I toweled my hair. I tried this once and it worked. I use a big detangling comb while finishing in the shower and I would leave it straight like that and blot-squeeze it dry right out of the shower before styling.

    Also, I gave myself some layers on the underside of my hair and I haven't had as much tangling since and it lays fairly straight -- well, it worked for me but YMMV...
  8. I do that too when I have a lot of trouble with tangles, I comb my hair when I'm still in the shower. I find that it is easiest right after/as I rinse out the conditioner. Makes a big difference!
    I also used to have a lot of trouble with this back when I was still dyeing my hair. Frederic Fekkai Instant Detangler was a great light, everyday conditioner that worked really well on tangles. Or sometimes I will just use good old Johnson and Johnson No More Tangles- it really works!
  9. i have fine wavy hair too, and had the tangling problem awhile ago. i finally tried switching to a no-sulfates, no-cones routine, and now my hair is SO much better.

    i use jessicurl shampoo, and either a jessicurl conditioner, or else a redken 'smooth as silk' conditioner (which is one of the few redkens with no silicones). i don't even have to condition all the time now, since the shampoo isn't drying.

    then i comb out my hair w/ a wide-tooth comb, and wrap it in a microfiber towel that i got at sephora. i think the towel helps, and it definitely makes my hair dry faster, which is a plus!

    for leave-in products i use phytodefrissant, and phyto 7 or 9 as a leave-in conditioner on the ends.

    the only other thing i could think is to get a trim- i notice that when i need one, i start getting more tangles again.
  10. Have you tried "ouchless brush" by Goody? My daughter has very curly/wavy hair and this brush works wonders! You can get it at your local drugstore or even grocery stores.
  11. Esuchen RD Protein cream - there's a long thread on it here somewhere. Try it. It's GREAT stuff! Will help with damage, and it's a great detangler!
  12. Wow, thanks for all of the wonderful advice ladies! There are lots of good products recommended, so I'll have to see what I can find and figure out a plan of attack.

    To answer your question rainrowan, yes I definitely try to detangle my hair in the shower using conditioner, and it used to work just fine. It has gotten progressively worse, and now I can't even get the tangles out doing that! It's such a pain!

    I'm definitely going to try to protein treatments, and get some products without sulfates. It seems I've heard of that somewhere before. I'm going to research the Esuchen cream, as well as Keratease. Thanks for all of the wonderful advice everyone, hopefully my hair will be tangle free soon!
  13. You and I have the same problems. Plus I have a bad cut right now that makes the frizzing worse.

    Here's what several people told me to do. The tips are working for me.

    *Wash your hair with warm water, not hot. Heat makes the "scales" of each hair open out like a pine cone. Open scales result in frizz and tangles.
    *Never rub your hair with a towel - only wrap it up in the towel, press. Remove towel and turn to use the dry side. Wrap and press again. Rubbing opens scales, too.
    *I use a nickel size amount of a product that is just like Frizzease but far cheaper: Cowboy Magic - Detangler and Shine. (Get it at feed stores or It's used for horse shows.) Same main ingredients as pricey Frizzease. My hair is shoulder length - you might need a quarter size amount.
    *Mix leave-in conditioner with Cowboy Magic. (I add mousse if I am going to style later with heat tools.) Get the lotions all over your palms and palm-side of fingers. Smooth the lotions in. Do not rub hairs together.
    *Then use a comb with very widely-set teeth (like a lift comb) to distribute the lotions even more. If your hair has tangles, start coming from the bottom few inches and work your way up.
    *Air dry your hair.

    I use Matrix leave in conditioner. Love it.

    Hope this helps!
  14. I think it has to do with the slumping economy.
  15. Philosophy Shear Splendor Silky Daily Conditioner. When my hair gets dry and starts to fight me in the winter, this stuff SATURATES it with moisture and it's all love and kisses between me and my mane. Try and get a sample from a sephora store. There's nothing like it.