Help with Exchange Options Please

  1. Hi ladies! I bought the "new" Modern Chain flap with the lucite strap a few months ago, right before the whole issue about the chain breaking apart on the totes, etc. etc. I Love the size, weight and overall look of the bag, but decided to send it in for an exchange because after spending that much $$$ I really don't want to have to worry about a bag falling apart.

    I have yet to pick a bag to exchange it with, and now only have a couple of days left to decide. I need some serious help!!!

    My requirements -
    1) will comfortably fit daily essentials (long wallet, pochette with miscellaneous items, small cosmetic kit, cell phone, agenda, a few papers (usually folded) or letter envelopes.
    2) lightweight as I have a back/shoulder problem
    3) about the same price range
    4) a bag that can be worn over the shoulder and will round out my Chanel collection, as I don't see myself buying any new ones for a while

    My current Chanel collection - black modern chain "classic" flap, black small Diamond stitch tote, navy blue outdoor hobo. I had a couple of Cabas but gave them up as I discovered the Balenciaga briefs suit my "big bag" needs better:smile:

    I LOVE the new Lux line flap/bowler, but I would have to add about $1000 in local currency to get the flap and I'm not sure it's worth all that:s
    Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. I bought the new modern chain hobo in mid december and when I asked the chanel boutique when the recall began and if my bag was produced after th problems were fixed they were of little help. Who did you get to agree to let you exchange the bag and when did you originally purchase your bag.
  3. Hi Tenfeetz, I actually bought it a while ago - late October or early November- through a local reseller (I'm in Asia and far from any Chanel) but as soon as I heard of the problems, I told my reseller and she spoke to her SA, who promised to exchange it during her next trip to Chanel. So while it's been a while, the bag was actually returned soon after it was purchased - I just haven't picked out a replacement yet.
    I actually think I'll just go for the Lux Bowler as I've been wanting something from this ligne for forever:drool: I guess since this will be my last Chanel for a while (or so I say LOL) getting something I really, really :heart: will be worth the extra $$$. Though I must say that with local taxes etc it comes out to close to $4k:shrugs:
  4. ligne is a great choice! The expandable and LAX totes are gorgeous options too.
  5. Thanks Echo! I've attached a pic of the one I want.
    My problem with Chanel is that there are so many styles and lignes that it is hard to decide without knowing what else is out there. I don't buy anything I don't love but whenever I make a purchase I worry that there is something out there that I will love more, and as you can imagine, buyer's remorse is not an option:nogood: Ah, to be of fickle heart...:shame:
  6. Oh, and tough I've loved bags from the time I could carry them, I don't think I've ever owned one in patent before. This will be a first:smile:
  7. That's gorgeous! I bet it's really light too! Have you tried it on yet? Is it at all bulky under the arm?
  8. Ultimate Soft?
  9. What about a jumbo flap?
  10. Oh gosh, ladies, I didn't realize there were replies to my post. I think my subscription must've gotten turned off.

    Echo, I haven't tried it on yet. I'm in Manila and am getting it sometime over the weekend:smile:

    Its My World, I did look at the Ultimate Soft (pics only) but am worried I'll get it all scratched up. I do take care of my bags but I am also a mom of 3 so babying them more than my babies is kind of tough...

    Ronsdiva, I think I eventually would like a jumbo flap. The vintage ones have particularly caught my eye (I just love how they look), but in the meantime I'd like something a bit more squishy.

    When the bowler comes in I promise to post pics. I've decided I've become WAY too addicted to purses and am starting my 12-step program RIGHT NOW. Let's see how far I can go hahaha. Anyway, thanks again for all the help!