Help with epi color choice

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  1. I need help everyone. I am getting an epi lockit and a speedy but i can't decide between the color scheme. I keep on changing my mind! Should I get:

    a;)lockit - black
    speedy - red


    b.) lockit - red
    speedy - ivory/black
  2. i like the lockit in black and the speedy in red =) good luck and don't forget to post pics when u get them!
  3. Speedy in IVORY! (I'm very partial to the ivory speedy), and a black lockit.
  4. what size speedy? If it's a speedy 30 I would go with ivorie or black. I think a speedy 30 is too big to get in such a bright color. I toy w/ getting the red epi in speedy 30 but I'm too scared too bec. I'm afraid it's too much color on such a big bag. I like the lockit best in black. But if it's a speedy 25 then I would get that in red epi. hth!
  5. Red for speedy and black for lockit. I have the red lockit (I don't have the speedy because it looks too structured for me, so I bought one and returned it). But I think the red speedy looks best.

    Speedy would look fabulous in ivorie too!
  6. I love choice.
  7. i vote for black :smile:
  8. I like the speedy in ivory. I am just drawn to the color. I saw the lockit in black the other day and I have to say, I am not in love...
  9. I like the red in epi.
  10. Lockit black, Speedy red.
  11. I will chose red for lockit and black for speedy
  12. Oooh, if I could buy both at the same time, I'd choose a Black Speedy and Red Lockit.
  13. Black Lockit and Red Speedy :yes:
  14. The Red speedy is awesome IRL. I'd get a red speedy and black lockit
  15. BLACK lockit
    RED speedy