help with Edith massager bag

  1. does anyone have a nice SA at Nord that can still find me this bag. I so wanted the one with the belt. Please, please give me a number to call if you know. Thanks a million times!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry have to borrow a pircture. I am really in love with this one, someone who knows where they still have it, please please let me know!!!!!!!!!!:tup:
  2. Try calling Nordstrom mall of America! talk to carolyne
  3. If you have the time, call a few Nordstrom stores including the one above and west coast stores. Items are being returned so their inventory changes daily. Sometimes you get better results calling directly because maybe it just came in, etc. Occasionally, it pops up on NM online.
  4. try Nordstroms At The Grove In L.a, They Seem To Have Messengers Often....
  5. Million thanks to everyone above. I will try to call these stores. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!