HELP with eBay resolution.. Please? :(

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  1. Last week I sold a 20 year old family heirloom speedy to start a fund for a new LV I've been wanting. The auction went great - I provided the max 12 pics with many details of the 20 year old patina that had developed on the handles, trim and tarnishing on the lock. I was honest about the age of the bag and patina but it was well taken care of and didn't have any major flaws. The pics were taken with my DSLR camera. Well today I found out the buyer opened a case and her reasoning was "the leather on the purse was more darker the handles are more black" <-- copied from the case. I've never had this happen before. Obviously the bag isn't leather, it's canvas. And the handles are patina, not black. But how do I respond to this? What would you do? I really don't want to refund the buyer. :sad:
  2. If you google "purse forum ebay" it will take you to the place where there is a lot of discussion on these issues. If you post there you will get more responses. GL!
  3. I know that with speedys, the vachetta on the handles could turn darker or look black from use and carrying. Did you include detailed pics of the handle? I think the buyer was saying the patina on the vachetta which is leather was darker than described, in her opinion. Did the buyer want to return the bag?
  4. What you experienced is getting more common on eBay. I was a seller since July 1998 and have recently closed my account. Buyers complain about things that are as described/in the listing. Ebay and Paypal now always side with the Buyer so your choices will be: full refund upon return of purse (hopefully you get the same one back) or partial refund and they keep bag.
    I am just speaking from experience. Ebay is NOT what it used to be.
  5. if you described the issue and showed in pictures then say that
    I think it sound like a buyers remorse
  6. I think buyers who buy older bags and have never owned LV do not realize how black and they think dirty looking the handles and leather trim can be in real life. While we know it is patina other people just see it as looking black.
    I do think you described everything with your description and pictures but feel no matter what Ebay will side with the buyer like they always do.
    Perhaps if you do get the bag returned post in your next auction that the handles and leather trim have aged and turned black looking and say it in detail so there will not be a problem again.
  7. In a case like this, I would probably fight the buyer on a return. I know others will say to just accept a return, but IMO you don't have anything to lose by fighting it. Point out in your response to the claim that there are 12 photos in the listing, and that there's a full description of the item. You may lose, and you may be forced to take the return, but if you really don't want to take it back, at least you'll have tried.
  8. While I agree that it's a matter of principle to fight it, I don't agree that the OP has nothing to lose by fighting it.

    If she agrees to the return (NO PARTIAL if the price was commensurate with condition) without an escalation of the case, there's no ding to her seller account.

    But if she fights and the buyer escalates, there's a chance that ebay (or PP) will find in favor of the buyer and allow the return anyway. And in the case of ebay/PP resolving it, the seller's account gets a ding.
  9. If you provided an accurate description including 12 detailed photos you have done all that you can do. At that point it is incumbent on the buyer to know what they are looking at and willing to commit to purchase.
    Perhaps you could provide a link to the listing?
    There is patina :kiss:and there is nasty. :yucky: The handles on my Speedy are creeping towards the latter so I asked about the price to replace them when I was in LV last month getting a zipper tab replaced. I was quoted $140 to replace them.