Help With Ebay Problem!!

  1. Well I think I might have gotten screwed on Ebay :cursing: . Here's the scoop:

    Ok I won an auction on Oct. 5th and sent payment via Paypal and the seller emailed me that night telling me that she will ship it out the next morning (Oct. 6th). I still haven't received it and noticed last night that she is no longer a register user on Ebay. I emailed her just now asking if she did in fact mail it. Am I just being impatient on the mail system? Can I still file a claim on her even is she isn't a member anymore? Thank goodness I didn't spend alot, just total of $15. Any advice would be great :yes: . Thanks.
  2. file an item not recieved dispute with paypal, they should be able to recover your money.
  3. Can I still file the dispute even is she isn't a member now?
  4. I just looked into filing the claim and I have to wait on or after Oct. 15th. So I guess I have no choice but to wait and see.
  5. is this on paypal or ebay??
  6. I won the auction on ebay and paid using Paypal.
  7. The seller just emailed me and everything is okay. Found out that she mailed the item two days after I paid and not the next day like she told me.