Help with ebay problem - scammer Hinna Arshad


    I've been reading the eBay forum here for a while (I like reading about scams sometimes) and came across this. Thought you guys might appreciate her moralizing)))))))))))))
  2. Welcome to tPF ^^^
  3. thank you

    in the process of reading about scams learned a little about designer handbags. i'm very far away from all this, if i can wear sweats and sneakers 24/7 - i would))))))
  4. Hi every one long time!! Iv had a baby boy!!! So very hectic to update the trail date has been fowarded to 11/01/12 no definite address to serve court papers!!! She recently been yelping alot and also dound out her sister is a pharmacist at ucdavis medical centre! Hope everyone and everything is ok. Cx
  5. congrats on your baby... and keep us posted with how everything goes...
  6. Surely hope you can take this all the way to the mat. She has been scamming for a VERY long time.
  7. Hey thanx mmmsc. Just a pain in the *** trying to get a adress !! Do you think the FBI would be able to do something?? So no one else can be a victim?
  8. It's so disappointing to see scammers that can get away with this for a long time plus loads of money they've scammed for without getting arrested. I was reading a thread about this girl you mentioned here on tPF that had a lot of pages. You got this scammer and then you got that other scammer. Why people out there that don't take this as seriously is beyond me.
  9. Lightyear , Personally i think its all the legwork some cannot be asked to put in or just emotionaly too much for them. As for me i just want to put a stop to this before someone else gets hurt. Wat do you mean lv thread??
  10. ^^ sorry lightdays!
  11. Does this girl contact people thru facebook?

    I just had some girl on fb message me about some designer handbag that she doesn't use anymore and wants to know if I'm interested. I deleted it right away but remembered her name had "...NN..." in it - if i remember correctly.
  12. Maybe??
  13. Hi yall!! Good news iv won the case for herto pay back my money.!!!! Eeekk so happy! From another country!! I have been busy with kids and hubby so i have recieved nothing from them. I decided to give them a call and they emailed me. The decision was posted out on the 3 march so it makes it 30 days right?? I have not recieved any thing from her!!any advice?? What i could do next. Iv tried ringing small claims advisory but they close at 4pm cali time!! X
  14. great news! hopefully someone here can give some advice
  15. Who told you that you won the case? Call them and ask where your money is.