help with eBay prepaid return label??

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  1. I recently brought something that was SNAD on eBay and through the resolution center they were nice enough to send me a prepaid label to send the item back to the seller. the label says USP only but the instructions said USPS and USP would both take it

    while in line waiting the post office worker notices my box and the label and tells me that that is a USP label therefore they can't accept (she's the one going through the line giving tracking confirmation, etc)

    has anyone experienced this before? what do I say or should I try and find a USP office as USPS is 100xxx more convienent for me but I rather not risk it..

    any opinions/knowledge would be awesome!

    edit-the prepaid label would make it so I don't have to pay for shipping
  2. that's what I thought but the instructions said that usps locations would take it as well?

    it's a bit deceiving from ebay's side--that caused this frustration.

    thank you!
  3. The USPS employee was wrong. The prepaid labels that eBay sends can be used for UPS and USPS, depending on which is more convenient for you.
  4. I've talked to ebay about this. They recommend UPS because you can track it daily versus USPS you will only see when it arrives. KWIM?
  5. I thought the ebay provided pre-payment labels did not have deliv. conf?... or was it that they weren't insured? I know we had other posters on here commenting that ebay didn't actually pay for a shipment method that would protect the buyer... and buyer still had to pay out of pocket... I THOUGHT it was deliv. conf... but I could be wrong.
  6. Actually you have to be VERY careful using these labels..If you go with USPS... You have NO TRACKING AT ALL...Also if the item is over $250 you are suppose to have signature confirmation to be covered by ebay,and these DO NOT... .You are not able to add this service onto this prepaid label with USPS OR UPS...Most people with these prepaid labels are actually tossing them and buying a whole new label so they are covered.It also only allows for $100 of insurance if you go with UPS---none with USPS..also you CANNOT add this service on as well.......I would REALLY think it over..or talk to ebay to see if this will be a problem in your situation....just in case...When they sent me one---months ago--I was informed of all this by UPS...I was then told by paypal I should NOT use this label-*--if I want to be it is VERY confusing... why they are issuing these at all...They were suppose to stop issuing these,I was told months ago also...???
  7. ^ Ridiculous, isn't it?

    Why provide labels that are more trouble than they're worth?

    It would be OK if you could add extra protection (as long a it clearly stated that you should do that) but, otherwise, however nice they are in theory, they're actually worse than useless in practice, from what I understand?! :rolleyes: