Help with EB GGH

  1. After looking at all your beautiful EB GGHs, I've finally decided to get one. However, the Neiman Marcus that is closest to me (Scottsdale, AZ) does not carry it, and Aloharag only has it in SGH. I did call up BalNY and they have a couple there, but their return policy (store credit only) is kind of putting me off. I'm afraid I might change my mind after I see it IRL.

    Does anyone know where I can get an EB GGH? Or has anyone seen any at their local store? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I am in the exact situation as you are. I want to get an EB GGH bag, but Neiman Marcus did not buy that bag, and Nordstrom only has one in the company, but with GSH. I want to see it in person, as I might change my mind, and BalNY 's return policy puts me off from ordering from them. I saw a EB day bag with regular hardware in NM and did not really like the color, but that might be completely different with the GGH, as i have seen other colors that I did not like with regular hardware, but really love the the GGH and vice versa.Good Luck! I hope we both find one!
  3. I saw an EB GGH Work at the Barney's Store in Beverly Hills today. They have an incredible selection of balenciaga! They might have had other options - I only looked quickly as I just got the same bag through Bal NYC and have cut myself off from shopping for a bit! BTW I am loving my EB GGH Work :smile:
  4. Personally, I would prefer the EB with GSH. It just happens to be that I like the silver best with the darker blue. I hope you girls find one though, and you may just have to go with Bal NY. At least you could return it if you didn't like it and get it with either RH or GSH. Good luck girls!!