Help with dress for Great Gatsby themed function?

  1. So I have my outfit all planned out for a friend's wedding that's coming up in a few weeks time, then I get the invitation card that says the dinner has the theme Great Gatsby!

    So I'm thinking feathers, flapper dresses, short hair-dos...and when i think of the look, I can only imagine tall, thin girls looking good in these outfits!!!

    Any suggestions for what to wear for a US Size 10, 5"2' gal with boobs and butt please?:p
  2. When I think of the Great Gatsby, I think of a more refined look than your typical flapper, like a long satin dress, long strand of pearls, and maybe gloves. Hair done in curls or finger waves. Or even a garden party look, a white blouse, white or tweed skirt, and t-straps with pearls and a sleek hat. Good luck!
  3. i second those ideas!
  4. Very nice ideas vanojr9! thanks! :okay:

    I did some googling, and found Kate Hudson's pictorial in Sept 07's Harper's Bazaar very helpful too.

    Has all the elements you mentioned too vanojr9. I'm thinking of a longish chiffony dress, with long strands of pearls, and silver embellished t-strap heels - perfect for dancing!:wlae:

  5. I mostly agree with the ladies above except for the statement about the all white look. I could be wrong, but I thought it was a "known" thing not to wear white to a wedding, as to not out shine the bride... I think the lightest one can go it a deep cream or dark beige. But thats what I just remember reading about somewhere- I think maybe in Emily Post book of etiquette:confused1:

    Though I do have to say, the white blouse look is divine and IMO could work for any other occasion. :p
  6. I would do a little black trapezey dress, curled hair, dark lashes and red lips, maybe long pearls, a faux fur stole, little beaded bag, mary janes... that sort of thing...
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Like others have already said, not all women in the '20s wore short dresses! If you could find a dropped/no-waist dress that hits a little lower, just bellow the knee or so (because thinking historically, in the '20s, dresses were only above the knee for two years), that'd be perfect. I like to look to the fabulous ladies of blues for this: here's a picture of Bessie Smith, and as you can see, she's not a modern size two and she still has some curves, but I still think she looks beautiful: [​IMG]

    You could also do a coat-dress suit, those were popular in the '20s for daywear. Think similar to the '60s in that respect, but again the coat and dress would be straight, no darts or nips, and the fabrics would be light and moving. Here's an example: [​IMG]

    Or, another possibility is you could try to find a loose-fitting, black jersey dress with short sleeves (think '70s Halston) and pair it with some long necklaces, and maybe a stole (if you're not comfortable with real or faux fur, piano shawls were very popular too). But no matter what dress you choose, I'd say go with a beaded handbag, red lipstick, and if you're ok with having your hair short, fingerwaves.

    Hope this helps, and have fun! The '20s are my absolute favorite period in fashion and I try to use the ideas from that era in my own outfits. Please post a pic of the outfit you end up choosing! I'm curious to see what you come up with.
  8. I don't really think flapper at all, more Victorian, like that long yellow gown in the movie.
  9. thank you all for your suggestions and the lovely pics! Nothing like a picture to say a thousand words!

    You've all made me so excited about my "dress-up", I think I more or less have it together. I'm going to download a picture of someone with finger waves, and hopefully whoever does my hair at the hotel's hair salon will know what to do! I'm flying up to Bangkok for the wedding, so there's also a language barrier, but let's hope the picture saves the day!

    Anyone knows how to do finger waves for long hair? Do i just bun it up at the back and do the waves for my bangs?
  10. Something loose and short!

  11. Ooo...dear Nola, I'm definitely not going to cut my hair just for this dinner! :crybaby:In fact, I won't cut my hair for anything come to think of it...
  12. Top Shop has a flapper dress under the Kate Moss label on their website, its cream coloured with crystal beads