Help with discolored dress in NYC specifically

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  1. I had a lot of stuff stored in boxes in the basement of my friend's house Upstate for a few yrs. Some of it was stuffed in the boxes in a hurry right on metal hangers. i guess it was humid in there because this is what happened to an old Azzedine Alaia dress.[​IMG] I asked my regular dry cleaners if they can dye the dress navy or black but they dont do that. What can I do? can I do it myself? if yes with what product? The dress is gorqeous otherwise, fits like dream. Is there drycleaners in NYC who can do that? help! thanks
  2. ty. this is what it says on the tag: 90% viscose rayon 6% polyamide 4% EA. Dry clean only. its typical Azzedine Alaia fabric, the same he always uses. very thick and stretchy
  3. in that case, you'll have to take it to a professional. Sometimes you can find recommendatons and read reviews for dry cleaners or tailor that restores/repairs clothing on Yelp. I did that for a skirt I have and found a great place in DC.

    Actually, I think I read about this place recently (in Vogue or Harpers):

    not sure if it's near you, but it's a start. Good Luck.
  4. HaHa! I just recommended that place to a poster here for wedding gown restoration. They told me they dont dye garments over the phone. i am going to go there and show it to them in person. Its right by my house. thanks
  5. ^^ great minds think alike!

    I hope none of your DVF dresses were in storage and got ruined.
  6. No. But its more valuable to me than any DVF dress I have actually. Its 15+ years old and has great sentimental value (gift from a person no longer with us). Plus Alaia is $$$$ esp vintage. I should have taken better care of it. But i couldnt look at it hanging in my closet. Was making me sad every time
  7. I'm sorry to hear this... :flowers:
  8. Thank you. Maurice just said they don't dye. And she wouldn't recommend anyone. So if anybody has any other suggestions please !
  9. From experience, dying won't work. I have looked up and down for a place to do a similar thing for me, but if its not 100% solid color and clean and stain free no one will touch it because they can't guarantee that it will dye evenly.

    If you do find somewhere though please let me know!
  10. Is that a rust stain from the hanger or discoloration on the fabric?
  11. ^ it doesn't look like a stain. Looks like the color is gone in spots. It's kids no color grey spots all around collar. Not rust. I really have no idea what it is. It's been in storage fir almost 10 years
  12. ^Have you tried to wash it?
  13. No. I guess I should do that. But it really looks like the blue color is gone. Not like a stain. Ykwim? I will try to hand wash it in woolite
  14. Madame Paulette! It's based in NYC. VERY top rated, known very well in the industry. Maybe they can help out!