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  1. Could anyone please tell me where I could find the Dior Trotter Boston Bag (color Blue) ? I'm in love:heart: with the bag and now that I can have it, I can't find it!!!
    I've seen it in black on but they don't have the blue. I'm traveling next week and I really want it before I leave!! :rolleyes:

    Thank you !
  2. call the dior boutiques
  3. I saw one at the Boston Copley Mall Dior boutique -maybe a month ago. Call them and see if they still have it. It was really pretty.:yes:
  4. If you are looking for light blue (baby blue), you can find it in Paris's department store, i.e. Bon Marche.
  5. U guys think i can find it for max $ 400 somewhere?
  6. you can try to call Saks to see if they still have the 40% off on selected dior items. i think i know what bag your talking about, and i remember it being on sale too!
  7. The one I saw at Dior was 600 and something. I thought someone mentioned Dior is having a pre-sale????
  8. are the sales still going on?
  9. i have no idea, just call your local Saks to check.
  10. Sale is going on. I received two post cards in the mail. Good luck.
  11. i saw a dark blue trotter selling on sale at the boutique.
  12. gosh, I hope someone posts a pic in here..
  13. mine is not the trotter boston bag but it is the pink trotter large. i like the boston look but it is a tad too small for me so i opt for this size.

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