Help with Devon please!

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  1. Hi lambies! I just bought my dream bag, a rasta Devon off of eBay! I love it! :yahoo: Even with its funky old lady perfume smell... which I hope to have out soon!

    But I have a question I'm hoping someone here can answer. The strap on the front won't open! Isn't it supposed to?

    There is a metal "thing" (a screw perhaps?) that I can see in between the two Ls, which my other sig bags don't have...

    And now, a picture just because!
  2. I don't know, I would think so. I just wanted to say congrats on an awesome bag!!!
  3. be careful with the screw, I'd leave it alone because the things with the originals are weird!
  4. ^^thanks!

    ^yeah, I tried pulling on it very gently, but I don't think I'll try to unscrew it or anything. I don't mind too much not being able to open it, because I can still easily access the front pocket. It's wide!
  5. If there's a small screw on the side, you can loosen the main clasp and it should open!

    What a fab bag!! :tup:
  6. I have that bag..its suppose to. Some of those earlier bags had problems with the lock. Maybe she rigged it...not sure though.
  7. Awesome RASTA score!! The screw is meant to be there. But yes, be carefull messing with it! If you don't, it could break.
  8. Alright, I finally got the guts to attempt to unscrew the lock! It was simple, actually, and I should have just thought to do it in the first place... :blush: but I guess I just needed some encouragement from you guys! Thanks everyone~

    It's just a screw, spring, and connector piece to lock the Ls together. And when I took the screw out, I assumed it would be magnetised, but it's not! Well, I guess that's why it's locked... lol. I compared it to my Westfield's lock and the Westfield's is a lot heavier with the magnet inside.

    So mystery solved, I guess. Just another quirky L.A.M.B. feature?! :shrugs: At least I know it's not broken!
  9. you should still be able to use the clasp - just find the right amount of tension in the screw and it should be fine. I've done that with one of my bags - it was too loose, and I gave the screw a slight turn and it's fixed.
  10. OMG you are so right, and I feel so stupid right now! lol. I loosened it about a quarter turn and it now opens and closes perfectly! THANK YOU!
  11. I love that bag congrats.