Help with Denim?

  1. So I really love the denim line and am thinking of picking up a Denim Pouch or a Denim Mini Pleaty, but I am not sure which one? :confused1:

    Any owners have pros/cons for each of them? What about the Denim itself, any known problems/issues with this line?

    Thanks guys!
  2. I have a neo speedy in lichen, a pleaty GM in pink and a neo cabby GM in black and have found the denim fabric to be very sturdy and stain resistant. I love the line :love:
    You're going to be very happy with whichever bag you pick. I think the mini Pleaty is just adorable.
  3. I have the baggy PM and it is one of my favorite purses. I love it. The denim line is great.

  4. I was sort of concerned the denim would tear/stain easily... glad to know you are happy with it! :tup:
  5. i like the denim line, i'm thinking of purchasing one too...
    personally my fave is the neo cabby GM & mahina for the bag
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    for the small acces, i prefer the flat pouch
  6. It's a great line ... I've had my neo speedy and baggy PM for years and it still looks new except for the vachetta patina'd (sp?) a little. You would love it too!
  7. I like the neo cabby gm and the baggy pm!
  8. I was wondering all of this too..thanks for your replies everyone, I REALLY REALLY want the Neo Cabby in black oh and the new matching wallet!!
  9. I saw the Mahina irl and thought it was too much for me... i like the pouch though...

    Do you have the pouch? can you fit stuff in it?

  10. I really love the mini pleaty it is my next in line to be purchased. I am glad you started this thread because I was wondering the same thing about the Denim line.

    How long has this line been around?
  11. I have the mini pleaty and neo cabby Pm and I love them both!
    The denim line is one of my favorites, I find the bags so versatile and worry free.
  12. i have the mini pleaty in lichen.. its an awesome bag!! and sooooo cute!!
  13. i've had the blue Neo-Speedy for about 2 years now and haven't had a problem with it. i also have the black Neo-Cabby and i love it. the denim is surprisingly durable
  14. Ooohhh, I would love something small from this line like a Mini Pleaty. Also the denim Neo Cabby in black!!
  15. I LOOOOVE the denim line! This line is actually very durable. I have the fuschia Baggy GM, the lichen Neo Speedy, the blue Port Epaulle Raye MM (denim Cruise 2007), and will be getting a black denim bag as soon as I figure out which one I really want or if a Neo Speedy will be made. The black denim Mahina XL is really calling out my name, though! You won't be disappointed in getting anything from the denim line. Good luck!