Help with Del Rey please?

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  1. I have truly fallen in love with the Del Rey and would like one for an everyday, all-year-round bag. It suits my needs perfectly as I can throw everything in and it looks great either casually or more dressed-up (which doesn't happen very often here!)

    Which would you choose? I have the oak NVT and the deer brown to choose from.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Deer,brown...warmer more versatile for me...I love that colour
  3. Deer brown for me!
  4. Deer brown! Such a soft and warm colour.
  5. You have a lot of oak in your collection, so maybe the deer for a bit of a switch up?
  6. Would definitely go for deer brown, would be lovely :smile:

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  7. Another vote for deer brown!
  8. Deer brown :smile:
  9. I am
    A bit obsessive with oak! If you want something different in your collection then deer brown as you do have a lot of oak in it currently, both are gorgeous colours I think deer brown will be my next one!
  10. I would chose oak purely on the basis that i see so many Deer Brown Del Reys - i suppose due to being in the sale ? Ive seen three today along with a black spongy one. Also the oak one is less slouchy being NVT ? maybe that is a consideration.
  11. Neck on the line but..... I'm not a deer brown fan. Sorry. Oak for me x
  12. No deer brown either for me. Very boring colour IMO. The new oak is fabulous and love it on the DR. Deffo the oak for me. The oak has the longer handles, which is more practical and looks nicer.
  13. I'm glad someone else said it first. My thoughts too, it's like you've taken the words out of my mouth!
  14. Oak any day!
  15. I love oak but don't think it suits this more modern bag so I say db