Help with decision please!

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  1. Hi ladies! Im planning to get a rose gold MK watch and can't decide btw these two! Any thoughts appreciated...thanks! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397358515.897683.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397358545.368751.jpg
  2. I really like the second one which incorporates the white
  3. I just purchased the one in the first picture but in yellow gold. Going to try them on in-store made the decision so much easier for me, so I'd recommend doing that if you can. They're both beautiful watches but I'd probably go with the first.
  4. Love love the second one ...
  5. I like the first one.
  6. I like the second one.
  7. The first one...
  8. Thanks everyone!! I'm going for the second as I tried them in the MK boutique today...the white one looks better on my wrist..I'll wait for shopbop code hehe
  9. The second one is nice. I have the rose gold one and I've noticed that the rose gold scuffs off if you accidentally hit your arm on something. I wore it to work one day and because I work at a desk, the watch kept hitting my desk .. .and now the rose gold on the bottom near the clasp is all gone...

    stick to the one with the white detailing!
  10. I like the first one.
  11. 1st one
  12. Thanks for all the opinions ladies!! Well my bf refused to get me a MK watch and omg gave me a Panerai! Hehe


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