Help with decision on LV

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  1. Dear fellow purse fanatics,
    I'm debating between getting either one white petit noe, or the montessouris med in the monogram canvas plus the lodge pm in white. Which would you guys do?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. HMMMM, well I'm in love with the white MC petit Noe, but having a backpack and a MC purse is tempting too. HAHA sorry I'm no help at all !! I would say get the backpack and the lodge.
  3. depends on what you need to carry and how you like to carry it (shoulder, back, in hand, etc.)
  4. I would go for the lodge pm. I got it and just love it!I'm not a fan of backpacks at all.And a speedy or alma in momo.
  5. Hmmm... I am not a fan of the Lodge PM. Not my style... however I do like the Noe (no zippers on it to scratch your rings/watches on when you grab stuff from inside it). The Noe is the more classic of the styles... but ultimately, the choice is yours!
  6. Thanks ladies for your replies. As I was looking on eluxury, I also starting to think about possibly the White suhali in the le fantastic model. Do any of you have experience with either the suhali leather or the white MC in terms of durability. Does the white MC really show dirt overtime?
  7. I think it shows minimal dirt over time depending on how you take care of it. I've had my MC speedy for more than a few months now and it still looks new, aside from the handles which are starting to patina :sad: The white hasn't gotten dull or anything.
  8. I have a white MC pochette, and the corners did get dirty. You have to be careful not to carry magazines and newspapers right up against it, because the ink does rub off. Also, be careful with anything denim. The white is pretty, but I just bought the MC petite Noe in black and I love it. :smile:
  9. I vote for the white MC noe .. I looked at this again at LV and it is such a nice bag:love: